Smart POS

Point of sale and inventory management system

Point of sale and inventory management system

An integrated system to manage and implement all operations you need to complete sales and purchases, and issue invoices and bonds from the point of sale screen or the cashier, or through the issuance of sales invoices.

Warehouse and Products management
Warehouse and Products management

Smart POS system allows you to use more than one store or warehouse and transfer between them easily with full control over all the details of products, departments and brands.

Customer and supplier management
Customer and supplier management

Adding an account for each customer or supplier with a special file that includes detailed reports for sales, purchases, payments and an account statement for all operations.

Sales and Purchasing Managment
Sales and Purchasing Managment

The ability of issuing sales or purchase invoices with the provision of an advanced system for points of sale or cashier with full control from one screen without any trouble.

Quotes and Returns Managment
Quotes and Returns Managment

The ability to create quotations and send them to customers and also convert them into a sales invoice. The system also allows you to manage all returns of a sale or purchase.

Expense and Currency Management
Expense and Currency Management

The ability of recording multiple accounts for all types of expenses with their inclusion in profit and loss reports, review of payments, and an easy multi-currency system.

Users and Permissions Management
Users and Permissions Management

The system allows you to add unlimited users with specifying the suitable permissions for each user according to the nature .of the work without interfering with others

Advantages you get with the POS and inventory management system

The ability of using more than one store or warehouse
Classification of products and capacity in multiple sections
Associating goods and products with the brand
Ability to use more than one currency
Arranging purchase and sale units for products
Record all details of each product
Add multiple images for each product
Adjust product prices and tax
The ability to import products through csv files
Monitor stock and quantities
Change quantities at any time
Transfer products between warehouses
Easily add and edit purchase invoices
Quick and easy to use point of sale and cashier system

Add and modify direct sales invoices or through the point of sale
Easily add and modify quotations and send them to customers
Recording and adding returns for purchases and sales
The ability of recording all types of expenses
The ability to register or import customer and supplier data
Create database backups at any time
Detailed reports for payments, sales, purchases and returns
Profit and loss reports weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually
Alerts for finished product quantities or according to settings
Detailed reports of warehouse, available goods and sales
Detailed reports for customers and suppliers and everything
Easily export or print data
Multiple ways to accept payment for invoices and sales
Supports electronic billing with the Saudi Zakat and Tax Authority

Technical specifications of the program

It works in the cloud through the browser

No need to install or install special programs

Works on all types of devices, phone and tablet

Responsive and compatible with all screen sizes

Data protection with the latest technology

Offers high speed of use and mobility

Supports Arabic and English languages

Possibility to work with or without internet

Technical support for all problems and errors

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