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Steps to Create a Website

To build a custom website there are three basic steps we will do for you to have a website ready for work, after that you can use the CMS Dashboard to control the website.

Domain and Hosting Registration

Domain and hosting will registered within 24 hours of the agreement, and we will upload (Under Construction Page) until the completion of the website.

Website pages design

We will design a rehearsal for main pages of the website as pictures and send it to you for approval to continue in the programming of the website.

Coding the website

We will start in this step after approval of the website design that will converted into an interactive pages with the Content management panel for all pages.

Content management system

After the delivery of the website you can manage and write your website content through the Content panel that is delivered after uploading and publishing the website. You can also order add content extra service if you desire us to add and edit the content of your website.

Firewall on control files
The ability to add unlimited number of users
Different permissions for add, Modify and Delete
Control Panel in Arabic and English
Text boxes to write headings and content in Arabic
Text boxes to write headings and content in English
Categories and pages
Categories and pages
Unlimited Main and sub sections
Unlimited pages depending on site structure
The ability of connecting pages through hyperlinks
Edit & Format
Edit & Format
Edit Texts, font size, type and color for all pages
Add multiple images within the content
Add Multi videos from YouTube in content
Adding external files and links
Edit content as HTML
Copy and paste from Word and other sites
Add multiple tables within the page content
Media availability depends on the website structure
Uploading multi and single photos
Writing titles for each photo
Withdrawing images from Google directly by search
Add videos from YouTube by video page link
Uploading videos from the device directly to the site
Uploading audio clips for acoustics department
Receiving contact us messages in webmail
The ability to respond to messages directly
The ability to send new emails
The ability to format message and attach files
The ability to save messages and continue work later
Receive notifications for one or more email
Visitors analytics
Visitors analytics
Follow-up site visitors daily
Follow-up site visitors by date
Follow-up site visitors by country
Follow-up site visitors by city
Follow-up site visitors by the operating system
Follow-up site visitors by browser type
Follow-up site visitors by connection way
The ability to search by IP address
The ability to check location and visitor details by IP
General Settings
General Settings
Control the title and the name of the site
Control the Description and keywords
The ability to take back-up copies of the database
The ability to restore the database at any time
The ability download and save backups
The ability empty site contents
The ability to export site contents to Excel
Social networks control and linking
The ability to Publish or stop the website
Other Features
Other Features
Notifications on dashboard
Notifications by email
Emails list for news letter
Control menus list and order
Calender can used for events and notes
Calender view monthly, weekly and daily
Ability to disable/enable any page and section
Ability to order every category list
And more other features